The New Lyke Wake Club badge
The New Lyke Wake Club badge




Luckily, the choice of date (April 1st) for this years’ venue didn’t deter people from attending and my fear of turning up to Swan House, Trenholme Bar and finding the place empty and boarded up turned out to be quite unfounded…………………

The evenings’ festivities kicked off with an excellent and filling meal and then went more “formal” with a better than usual rendition of the Lyle Wake Dirge. Assorted speeches were duly made, much to the dismay of attendees before the more pleasurable aspects of the evening could be undertaken! No one could recall a higher number of Degrees ever being conferred at a Wake.

The first, and highest, degree was conferred on Nick Carter who became a Past Master of the Club having been involved with Lyke Wake Walk / Race / Challenge for more years than I care to contemplate.

Doctors of Dolefulness were then duly conferred on:
Tom and Claire Chapman and David Allen who donated a wonderful rendition of the Lyke Wake Dirge in CD format and later closed out the formal proceedings with a couple of verses.
Martin Robertson then presented his Doctorate which was also musical. It told the story of a Lyke Wake crossing and was likewise very well received, and should act as a warning to others contemplating such a foolish venture.

Masters / Mistresses of Misery were conferred on:
Rachel Macaleese
Steve Donnelly
Perry Smith
Christian Hodgson

Then Lynne Chapman and Tracey Hipkin received their Mistresses of Misery ribbons that were owed.

Ian Evans set up Lyke Wake quizzes where participants were able to assess their levels of consciousness throughout the walk by arranging pictures of various views along the route in order. The conclusion of this exercise was that most people are brain dead by 20 miles and it is a miracle how some folk ever completed!

Formal proceedings then ended around 22.00 before the general noise levels increased to dangerous levels as people from all walks of life and location around the UK discussed “matters outdoor”.

Here is a gallery of photographs taken that evening.

Sister’s secret tipple……naughty habits…………… Tom Chapman, Claire Chapman & David Allen receiving their Doctorates Group gathering with David Gordon ( Treasurer ) and Brian Smailes ( Chairman ) standing David Allen and Louis Kulcsar with “performing coffin” kindly donated by Louis To & Ian Evans & Louis Kulcsar enjoying a laugh. Martin Robertson in full song “People” of Misery The Evans Family Nick Carter P.M. and Dave Campbell Phil Dale, Adrian Hanwell, Pauline Manser

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