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Club secretary Gerry Orchard writes:

Bill Dell at Finish of Lyke Wake Walk

Bill Dell at finish of Lyke Wake Walk

On 2nd October 1955, the first crossing of the Lyke Wake Walk was completed by a group of 13 people in under 24 hours. This group included the initiator, the late Bill Cowley. They had commenced their crossing on 1st October and camped out on the moors near Hamer House. Thus was born the now infamous open challenge of the Lyke Wake Walk – 40 miles within 24 hours to complete the route.

The New Lyke Wake Club presented a challenge to mark the 60th anniversary with a crossing 60 years later. A number of people, Ian Evans, Raymond Gray, Brian Smith, Steve Kay, Colin Monson, Claire and Tom Chapman, David Allen and Gerry Orchard as well as the quite remarkable Bill Dell (who crossed on the very first Lyke Wake Walk back in 1955 and was still fit enough to cross 60 years later!) managed to complete this challenge. Weather conditions on the day can best be described as spectacular with wonderful rivers and waterfalls of mist and glorious sunshine …………………. it made a perfect tribute.

The walk was followed by a Wake at the Falcon Inn, Ravenscar, where Malcolm Walker, another person who crossed on the first walk, gave an excellent presentation (twice!) on the early days of the walk………………….an education to many. In total three people involved with the first walk attended.

The Wake was well received and included the only two living Centenarians (those who have completed 100 crossings or over) Louis Kulcsar and Gerry Orchard, together with the nine times winner of the annual race, Neil Ridsdale.

We look forward to the seventieth anniversary. Meanwhile here is a gallery of photographs taken on the crossing and at the wake.

Colin Monson, Bill Dell, Gerry Orchard at Ellerbeck Bridge Brian Smith, Bill Dell, Steve Kay and Colin Monson at Finish of 60th Anniversary Lyke Wake Walk Malcolm Walker Presenting on the First Lyke Wake crossing Louis Kulcsar, 186 crossings.

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