The New Lyke Wake Club badge
The New Lyke Wake Club badge



The objectives of the NEW LYKE WAKE CLUB are: -

Both of these principles are of on-going, perpetual and permanent interest and concern within England, and possibly the whole UK; the more so, perhaps as people have increased leisure in which to enjoy the moorlands. Some, perhaps also wish (need!) to retain or enhance their fitness while facing a personal challenge.

The NEW LYKE WAKE CLUB intends to: -


  1. NAME
    The name of the Club is the New Lyke Wake Club. On and after 1st March 2007 the name "the Lyke Wake Club" may be adopted by resolution of the Council of Elders, to be used in addition to, or in substitution for, the existing name.
    The Club is a non-profit-making body whose objects are:
    1. To promote interest in the North Yorkshire Moors, their history and folklore and to assist in safeguarding the moorland environment
    2. To encourage the sports of long-distance walking and running and to provide advice and fellowship for those who take part
    1. A person shall be eligible for membership if he / she:
      1. completes a crossing of the Lyke Wake Walk on foot within a period of 24 hours
      2. submits a written report of such crossing and
      3. pays such subscription as the Council of Elders may from time to time decide
    2. Members, if male, shall be entitled to the rank of Dirger and if female to that of Witch
    1. The Council shall consist of:
      1. Every Past Master and Past Mistress
      2. Persons elected under Rule 5
      3. Such additional persons (not exceeding five in number) who shall be co-opted by the Council. Co-opted Council members may not vote at Council Meetings
    2. The Council shall meet at least twice a year at such times and places as it shall decide
    3. Minutes shall be kept of Council meetings by the Minutes Secretary which shall be available to members of the Club on request
    4. The quorum for Council Meetings shall be three persons
    1. The following officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting and each shall hold office until the next such meeting when each shall be eligible for re-election
      1. President
      2. Chairman
      3. Deputy Chairman
      4. Treasurer
      5. General Secretary
      6. Minutes Secretary
      7. Archivist
      8. Public Relations Officer
      9. Quartermaster
      10. Director of Musick
  6. WAKES
    1. An Annual Wake shall be held at such place and date as the Council shall appoint, and shall be open to all members
    2. Wakes may be held at other times and in other places at the instigation of, or with the approval of, the Council
    3. Persons attending Wakes will be expected to dress and to conduct themselves with appropriate funereal solemnity. Neckbands (black for Master or Mistress, purple for Doctor) shall be worn. Insignia as specified in Rule 7 shall be worn
    4. At every Wake theses may be received and degrees awarded. The Cleveland Dirge shall be sung.
    Degrees may be conferred upon candidates considered by the Council (or its appointees) to comply with the following:
    1. Master or Mistress of Misery. Complete three crossings, one in the reverse direction and demonstrate by inquisition an appreciation of the ethos of the Club and a knowledge of moorland skills. (Neckbands: - black)
    2. Doctor of Dolefulness. Complete four more crossings. The total seven crossings to include a winter crossing (between 1st December and 29th February) and an unsupported crossing. Also to present a Doctoral Thesis on a learned subject relevant to the ethos of the Club. (Neckbands: - black and purple)
    3. Past Master or Past Mistress. Complete fifteen crossings and perform services to the Club recognised as exceptional by the Council. Be considered capable of finding the way across any moor by day or night, whether drunk or sober without map or compass. (Black and purple boutonniere)
    Dirgers and Witches may wear the Club badge. Holders of degrees may wear the insignia prescribed in Rule 7
    1. In addition to the fee payable under Rule 3(a)(iii) the Council may impose such subscriptions in such sum payable at such intervals as the Council shall from time to time decide
    2. The Club's funds shall be kept in a bank account requiring the signature of the Treasurer and at least one other officer of the Club
    3. After retaining such balance as the Council shall think prudent, any annual surplus shall be paid to such charity as the Council shall select
    1. The annual General Meeting shall be held on the same day as the annual Wake (whether as part of the Wake or separately) at which:-
      1. The Club's accounts shall be received and considered
      2. Officers shall be elected under Rule 5 and
      3. Resolutions of which 28 days written notice has been given to the Minutes Secretary may be moved
    2. A special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Council and shall be called within twenty-eight days of receipt by the Minutes Secretary of a requisition in writing signed by not less than twenty members stating the purpose of such meeting and the resolution or resolutions proposed
    3. At a general meeting:-
      1. Each member present shall have one vote
      2. Resolutions shall be passed by a majority of those present the chairman shall have a casting vote
      3. Minutes shall be kept of General Meetings by the Minutes Secretary which shall be available to members of the Club on request
      4. The quorum for General Meetings shall be six persons
    4. At least twenty-one days' notice shall be given of a General Meeting or of a postal vote. Notice shall be deemed sufficient if
      1. Posted in due time on the Club's web site, and
      2. Sent in writing to every member who has provided a stamped addressed envelope for the purpose, or by email to anyone who has provided an email address
    1. A postal vote shall be taken on any motion to be moved at a General Meeting if:-
      1. A requisition signed by 20 members is received by the minutes secretary at or before the meeting, or
      2. The Council resolves before the meeting to call for a postal vote
    2. Postal votes shall be cast by sending them to the minutes secretary by post or by E-mail within the time specified in the notice, which shall be not less than 14 days
    A person shall cease to be a member of the Club upon
    1. Giving written notice of resignation to the General Secretary
    2. If his / her subscription (if imposed under Rule 9) falls into arrear by three months provided always that renewal of membership shall not be refused to a person proffering all arrears of subscription
    3. By expulsion where the Council resolves that the continued membership of the person in question is not in the best interest of the Club provided that
      1. Such person has been given fourteen days written notice containing particulars of the complaint made against him / her and has been given an opportunity of attending a meeting of the Council to answer that complaint and
      2. The resolution is passed by two-thirds of the persons attending the Council meeting and entitled to vote
    1. These Rules may be altered by a resolution at a General Meeting
    2. Such resolution must be passed by two-thirds of the persons attending the General Meeting and entitled to vote
    1. A resolution to dissolve the Club may be proposed only at a special General Meeting and must be passed by two-thirds of the persons attending the special General Meeting and entitled to vote
    2. Dissolution shall take effect from the date specified in such resolution and the members of the Council shall be responsible for the winding-up of the Club's assets and liabilities The Club's property and assets shall be sold and the balance after settling the Club's debts and liabilities shall be given to such charity as the Council shall select.


A well-attended meeting at the Queen Catherine, Osmotherley, on Saturday 8th May 2004 voted unanimously to form the New Club. A constitution was adopted and Officers were elected.


Following the 2023 Annual Wake the Officers of the Club are:

ChairClaire Chapman
General SecretaryTom Chapman
TreasurerDavid Allen
NYMNPA LiaisonGerry Orchard
QuartermasterEdwin Smailes

Last update: 22nd April 2023

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