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The North York Moors National Park has a highly popular programme that provides families and community groups with the opportunity to ‘adopt’ a section of the Cleveland Way. The New Lyke Wake Club has been lucky enough to have been allocated Section 7, which runs from BT Station, Arncliffe Woods (park at Sheepwash) to Huthwaite Green (Moorland and woodland), a total distance of 2.9 miles (4.7km), as shown on this map. The original start of the Lyke Wake Walk is about 250 metres from the start.

This part of the Cleveland way covers the Western side of the route from the start / finish to Huthwaite Green (The observant ones amongst you will notice that most people doing the walk now, don’t use the section from the Booster Station, near the original start to the cattle grid!).

Litter is arguably the major issue on the Lyke Wake Walk BUT it is undoubtedly the one issue that walkers can assist with “as they go”. If you see a piece of discarded litter on or near the route, please pick it up and deposit at your support party. If everybody did this, the path would be clean and a clean path is more likely to prick the conscience of a litter lout than an already litter strewn path.

Unfortunately, there are still a small number of people in our society who see their unwanted water bottle or crisp packet as somebody else’s responsibility / problem and sadly, these people also frequent the moors!

Following a full briefing from the North York Moors National Park Authority, we are now organising maintenance groups for this section and our first session was on 22 September 2019 – report and pictures here. Volunteers will always be welcome. If you are interested, please contact the New Lyke Wake Club.

Last update: 2nd November 2019

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