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The Lyke Wake Walk Guide

For people considering completing the Lyke Wake Walk, essential reading is The Lyke Wake Walk Guide by Brian Smailes, now in its fourth edition (2013) and available direct from Challenge Publications or via this website However, the moors are a living landscape, and any guide book, even this one, will go out of date almost as soon as it is published. This web page is designed to be printed out as a single-sheet supplement to the Guide.

Footpath from Railway Line to Old Margery (Avoiding Lion Inn).

Heading West to East, after completing just over 3.5 miles of railway track and some 350 yards after passing the turning North down to Eskdale the path turns left at NZ 657005 initially following yellow topped wooden posts following the boundary emerging at Old Margery ( NZ 674012 ). This path has been officially closed for 20+ years but is now passable once more.

Leaving Simon Howe heading West toward Ellerbeck Bridge.

Heading West to East, Some ¼ mile after Simon Howe, a new line of shooting butts have appeared bearing half right along a neatly mowed path. Very tempting, but DON’T TAKE IT ! keep ahead on, albeit much fainter, main track heading broadly East.

Path from Ellerbeck Bridge to Lilla Cross.

After crossing the stream SE 866 984 the path following the white stakes has been significantly improved by the mowing of the heather.

The Lyke Wake Walk Guide contains helpful hints on the equipment needed and the best preparation for attempting the Walk. The route is described in detail, with full colour maps and photos, and also the rendezvous points are indicated, where a support team can meet walkers.

Last update: 29th August 2013

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